Goal 1. Curriculum Development
Obj. 1: Utilize agencies and other resources to identify biological resources within the park.

Obj. 2: Research any current programs, texts, or other materials, identify gaps and find ways that the park resources can fill them.

Obj. 3: Determine requirements for developing curricula.

Obj. 4: Create "Park Resource Guide" based on Johnson T. Janes Park resources to provide to educators as part of an overall science, ecology or nature teaching unit.
Goal 2. Service-Learning and Volunteer Opportunity Development
Obj. 1: Coordinate with local agencies, schools, and City Park personnel to determine needs and identify Service-Learning and Volunteer opportunities.

Obj. 2: Organize projects for volunteers through schools, as well as a variety of personnel, organizations and interest groups.

Obj. 3: Organize clubs.

Obj. 4: Create Service-Learning curricula.
Goal 3. Develop Means of Physical Improvements
Obj. 1: Coordinate with pertinent agencies and personnel to identify possible means of ingress, egress and parking.

Obj. 2: Identify locations for walking paths and boardwalks, ensuring accessibility for physically-challenged individuals.

Obj. 3: Create "Park Master Plan/Resolution" and determine cost and nature of needed physical improvements and capital start-up.

Obj. 4: Research possible funding sources for park improvements and capital start-up projects as well as park programs.

Obj. 5: Assist in obtaining grant funds for park.

Obj. 6: Define projects for volunteers to assist with where possible.

Obj. 7: Determine dimensions, materials and data for the construction of educational information devices to be located within the park. Construct and install said devices in park.
Goal 4. Create a Marketing and Awareness Campaign for Johnson T. Janes Park
Obj. 1: Identify awareness venues and use to generate interest in park.
2001 The City of Parkersburg
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