The Targeted Neighborhood Investment Program is a strategy in which the City will focus resources in a relatively small area – approximately 6 blocks – in an effort to stabilize and increase owner-occupancy, strengthen property values and improve the physical appearance of a neighborhood. The goal of the project is to reverse trends of disinvestment by improving the physical and social infrastructure of a neighborhood and thereby improving its desirability as a place to live, work and invest.

The neighborhood being targeted is just north of downtown; from 13th Street to 19th Street, from Avery Street to St. Mary’s Avenue. Besides being one of the areas in the City with the highest low to moderate income population, it is also the closest residential neighborhood adjoining the downtown area, in which the City has recently investment more than $2 million – from streetscape projects to park space improvements.

The City has dedicated more than $150,000 in federal Community Development Block Grant funds and HOME Investment Partnership Funds from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to this area of the next year and anticipates more funding.

The City plans to take on several housing and infrastructure improvements to the area. These improvements include: donating property to Habitat for Humanity and providing funds for two new affordable single family housing units; the demolition of blighted and vacant properties in the area that are beyond repair; infrastructure improvements; selling City owned property in the area to residents who have completed renovation plans; providing façade improvement funds for commercial building in the area; and providing owner occupied home rehabilitation assistance for residents in the area.

Programs available:

Owner Occupied Rehabilitation
Through the Wood County HOME Consortium, low to moderate income residents can apply for funds for home repair and fixing code violations. More…

New Construction
Wood County Habitat for Humanity is currently taking applications for families that would like to live in this neighborhood. Call 304-424-7907.

Façade Program (Commercial Structures)
The City of Parkersburg provides matching loans to commercial business owners in the area. More….