Meet the City Council

See the faces and find out the contact information of the Councilor’s of the nine districts in the City of Parkersburg.


An extensive database of documents has been made available to the public of the meetings and ongoings of our city.


The City of Parkersburg is too big to contain on one site.  Visit here to discover different branches of our community.

Letter from the Mayor

Dear Parkersburg Residents,

When I became Mayor, I had a vision for Parkersburg. That vision was 2020. By the year 2020 Parkersburg will be a significantly different place. After years of economic stagnation, the city is in a unique position for growth.

Even in this uncertain economy, the future looks bright because of the positive relationship between city government, businesses, and developers interested in our area.

I hope you support the vision of where we should be by the year 2020.I have said many times that I want Parkersburg to be a place that when your children go away to college they want to come back here and live. I also want them to be able to convince their friends that Parkersburg is a great place for them to live as well.

With kind regards,
Mayor Bob Newell

Point Park Marketplace



Parkersburg Recycles

We would like for you to recycle! Please call 424-8570 between the hours of 8:00am and 3:00pm and someone from our Sanitation Department will deliver a container to you with information about recycling. Thanks for helping make our program a success! Visit ParkersburgRecycling.com for more tips and info!