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Drive Through Service Window

As of Monday, August 3, 2020, the drive-through service window underneath the walking bridge at the Municipal Building is now in service for customers desiring to make payments without entering the building.

This service is available as an option in addition to the walk-in window on the first floor. Drop box payments remain available; however, the location has changed to just beyond the drive-through window at the south corner of the building.

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:00AM-4:00PM.

Payments that may be made at the drive-through include Police/Fire Protection, Sanitation, Grass & Weeds, Vacant Property, and other miscellaneous charges. Additionally, Business & Occupation tax and User Fee remittances will be accepted.


Housing Assistance Applications

The City of Parkersburg is accepting applications from low-income homeowners in the corporate limits of the City who need repairs done to their homes. Repairs may include; roofing, windows, siding, electrical, HVAC and plumbing. Certain eligibility restrictions apply. Please call 304-424-8452, email or go to our website at for more information or to get an application.


One-Time Business & Occupation Tax Exemption for 2nd QTR 2020

The City of Parkersburg is offering a one-time Business & Occupation exemption of up to $500 of taxes due for the quarter ending June 30, 2020. This exemption applies to certain Retail/Restaurant, Services, and Rental sales.

For details and the exemption form, click HERE.


City of Parkersburg Candidates 2020



Primary election June 9, 2020


Nancy Wilcox, Dem, 4307 16th Avene

Sherry Dugan, Dem, #1 Wharton Drive

Tom Joyce, Rep  (Inc), 2102 Foley Drive

Byron Brent Meeks, Rep, 1507 Lynn Street

Mike Cottrell, Rep, 2700 Emerson Avenue, Apt 209

Mark Meredith, Rep, 2601 Liberty Street



Dave McCrady, District #1, Dem  (Inc), 915 Erie Street

Jessica Irene Cottrille, #1, Rep, 2804 11th Avenue

Andrea “Red” Greer, #1, Dem, 906 Olive Street

Michael Hess, District #2, Rep, 2619 26th Avenue

Sharon A Kuhl, Rep (Inc) 2624 Hugh Street

Robert Mercer, District #3, Rep  (Inc), 903 Camden Avenue

Wendy Rawlins Tuck, District #4, Dem, 1020 14th Street

Brett Bringardner, Rep, 636 Smithfield Street

“Donna Sue” Helmick, Dem, 1038 Lynn Street

Eric Barber, Rep  (Inc), 900 13th Street

J.R. Carpenter, District #5, Dem  (Inc)1329 Market Street

Mike Reynolds, District #6, Rep  (Inc), 2017 Washington Avenue

Charity Wise, District 7, Rep, 2001 Lewis Avenue

Chris Rexroad, District 7, Rep, 2708 Cleveland Avenue

Thomas Rafferty, Dist 7, Dem, 603 Eastlawn Avenue

 Zachary T. Stanley, District #8, Rep  (Inc), 26 Willowbrook Drive

Jeff Fox, District #9, Dem  (Inc), 3315 Clement Avenue


Scam Alert


We have received several reports today of a law enforcement scam via telephone. The scam consists of a person calling and claiming to be with the Parkersburg Police Department. The scammer is using a VOIP phone that makes the number appear to be that of the Parkersburg Police.

At least one time today, he claimed to be a known officer in our department.

The subject tells callers they missed jury duty and a warrant has been issued for their arrest on charges of failure to appear and contempt of court, both with large fines. The subject also tells the victim that if the fine is not paid they will come and arrest them on the warrants. (FACT: You very seldom get a phone call telling you there is a warrant out for your arrest. You usually get a knock on the door by people with badges who want to give you a ride in a patrol car).

In these type of scams the subject usually instructs the victim to go to the store and get either Green Dot or other gift cards because the court does not accept cash or checks (FACT: It’s just the opposite. The courts gladly accept most types of payments, but gift cards and Greendots are not on the list).

ANYTIME somebody calls you and tells you they want payment in gift cards it is a SCAM. Any time somebody calls you and demands you wire them money, it is a SCAM. In fact, these days, a majority of the time people contact you out of the blue and say you owe them money, it is a SCAM.

If you ever have any doubts about something like this, hang up. If you want peace of mind, look up the agency they say they are calling from and make a call yourself. Then you will at least know you are talking to law enforcement.


City of Parkersburg Pools and Water Recreation Facilities

Parkersburg Mayor Tom Joyce announced today that plans to open the two city pools are underway.
The current scheduled opening day is Sunday June 7th,
“After a thorough review of the guidance provided by the Governor’s office and the Centers for Disease Control, we believe that both pools and the splash pad can be safely and properly operated to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for patrons, staff and the community.”
I have coordinated with the Governor’s office, local health department officials, our contracted management company and internally to ensure we comply with COVID-19 safety guidelines.”
These guidelines require modifications to existing and previously accepted operational and logistical procedures and processes including:
– Authorized occupancy will be reduced; passes will not be sold to support occupancy limitations;
– Only personal, single person use swim safety devices or PFD’s will be permitted (swim wings, vests etc.);
– Normally provided deck chairs will not be available; patrons will be permitted to bring their own outside use folding furniture for their personal use only;
– Thorough and consistent cleaning of high touch surfaces and items will be performed;
– Dedicated personnel above normal pool staff will be assigned to promote and encourage compliance with established guidelines for social distancing;
“The key to safe and successful operation will hinge upon patrons and parents exercising good judgement and accepting personal responsibility for their actions and behaviors with regards to established guidelines”.


Memorial Bridge Tolls to Resume

Effective Wednesday, May 20th, the City Of Parkersburg will resume toll collection on the Memorial Bridge. Normal toll collections will resume at 0800 on Wednesday and will continue 24 hours per day until further notice.

Traffic controls will be in place to ensure safety of both patrons and employees. The current plan is to operate the outside lanes both for both east and west bound traffic.

“When the bridge employees were made aware of the other city employees returning to their regular work location and assignments; an overwhelming majority of the bridge personnel contacted their supervisor volunteering to return to work. We have made preparations and verified that we have the necessary and appropriate supplies and Personal Protective Equipment to provide for proper safety of the employees”, said Mayor Tom Joyce.

The City ceased collecting tolls on March 22nd as a measure to protect the bridge employees while also to allow for reconnoitering of required supplies for Police Fire and Sanitation personnel to maintain regular operations.


City of Parkersburg Upcoming Projects:

Parks resurfacing project:

Work will resume starting May 18th. During this phase of the project the parks will receive a seal coat and parking areas will be re-striped. We request that you observe temporary traffic patterns in the park. We also request that patrons observe delineated work zone areas. The Contractor will start at the City park and move on to Southwood. We thank you for your patience during this project.

Jackson Fountain:

Work will commence the week of May 25th for all the site work and installation of the fountain. As stated above we request that you observe work zone limits and traffic patterns around the construction site. We thank you for your patience during this time.


2020 Arbor Day Proclamation

Celebrate Arbor Day with the City of Parkersburg!

Click HERE  to read the Arbor Day Proclamation.


Statement from MOVHD- 4.11.2020

Promoting Health • Preventing Disease • Protecting the Public
211 Sixth St. Parkersburg, West Virginia, 26101
As a result of Executive Order 9-20 issued by WV Governor Jim Justice on March 16, 2020
wherein a State of Emergency was declared for all counties in West Virginia and ordered the
I. Stay at home or your place of residence
2. Non-essential businesses and operations must temporarily cease operations
3. Essential businesses and operations shall continue to operate
4. Prohibited activities
5. Avoid social gatherings
6. Intent of this order
7. Enforcement
8. Duration
Executive Order 24-20 was issued on April 10, 2020 for Wood County due to increasing
numbers of persons diagnosed with Covid-19. Further measures are necessary to protect the
health, safety, and welfare of the public, disrupt the spread of the virus, and mitigate the impact
of the virus in certain counties due to the propensity of the Covid-19 virus to spread via personal
It is necessary that essential businesses and operations further limit the number of employees and
members of the public entering and exiting their premises, and to the maximum extent possible,
must shift work and workers off-premises to the maximum extent possible.
This new order puts forward the following:
1. Limits outdoor activities to five (5) person gatherings while maintaining social
distancing of six feet from one another.
2. All essential businesses shall order their employees and/or contractors, to the
maximum extent possible, to work from their home or residence, or to otherwise
work remotely.
3. The Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department is hereby directed to establish and enforce
protocols to limit occupancy of any such business that remains open to the public on
an individual-per-square foot basis.
Whereas, the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Depa1tment and the County Health Officer have broad
authority to regulate matters relating to public health under Chapter 16 of the West Virginia
Code, the following measures are deemed necessary to save lives to the extent humanly possible
and to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public from the spread of the Covid-19 virus.
Therefore, the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department and the Health Officer hereby ORDERS:
1. Stay at home or your place of residence: all individuals within Wood County are
under a general stay-at-home order and are directed to stay at home or their place of
residence unless performing an essential activity, as defined within Section 1 of the
Governor of West Virginia’s Stay at Home Executive Order 9-20.
a. In order to observe the stay at home order and limit instances of persons leaving
their home or residence, all persons going to or from the home of a family
member shall limit the number of visits to the greatest extent possible.
b. To prevent spread of Covid-19, groups engaging in outdoor activities are hereby
limited to a maximum of 5 people and must maintain social distancing of six feet
from one another at all times.
2. Essential Businesses and Operations, as outlined in Executive Order 9-20, Section 3,
in Wood County shall immediately order their employees and/or contractors, to the
maximum extent possible, to work from their home or residence, or to otherwise
work remotely in order to limit the instances requiring their employees to leave home.
a. Any business permitted to remain open, that chooses to remain open, and requires
employees to report to work, must take the following actions:
(1). Implement a plan to limit staff to essential personnel only;
(2). Implement social distancing practices within and around the workplace,
including remaining 6 feet away from others; and
(3). Supply adequate disinfecting and hygienic supplies to employees, such as
disinfecting wipes or spray, hand sanitizer, soap & water, and when at all
possible face masks and gloves.
b. Any business permitted to remain open, that chooses to remain open, and requires
employees to report to work, shall establish access restrictions that limit access of
the public as follows:
(1). No more than two (2) individual members of the public may enter into the
business per 1,000 square feet of public space at any given time.
(2). To ensure the number of people per square foot is not exceeded, the
business shall keep track of the number of people who enter and leave the
store on a one-in, one-out basis after capacity is reached.
(3). The business shall take actions to establish social distancing among their
public customers to the greatest extent possible, including but not limited to
marking distances six feet apart, at any area where people are likely to
congregate or stand in line; create one-way aisles or other restrictions to
limit close contact with other people, and encourage, whenever possible to
allow customers to place orders ahead, where feasible, that will allow them
to pick up and pay without entering the business.
(4). Prominently display these regulations, including posting maximum person
occupancy of each essential business under the square footage regulations
established herein, at no less than five (5) locations, including entrance to
the store, in addition to posting the same on the business’s website and all
social media platforms, if applicable.
3. Any resident of Wood County who has a critical need for goods and services and are
unable to obtain such due to this or any other Order related to the Covid-19 pandemic is
encouraged to call WV 211 United Way Information and Referral line to seek assistance.
4. Pursuant to West Virginia Code § 16-3-2 Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department is
authorized to establish quarantine of any individuals to prevent the spread of any
infectious or communicable diseases. Therefore:
a. Any person awaiting corona virus test results shall self-quarantine until those results
are known and reported to the health department.
b. Any person diagnosed with Covid-19 shall self-isolate as directed by the Mid-Ohio
Valley Health Department and in accord with the instruction of their treating
physician, in a portion of their home or residence that limits, as much as possible, their
contact with any other member of their residence.
c. Whenever possible, any person suspected of having or diagnosed with Covid-19 who
is under self-quarantine or isolation should use his or her own bathroom.
d. Any person living in the same household as a suspected or diagnosed person with
Covid-19 or who has had known contact with a diagnosed person should contact the
Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department for further instruction.
5. Enforcement of this Order shall be at the direction of the Mid-Ohio Valley Health
Department and County Health Officer. Pursuant to Executive Order 24-20, West Virginia
State Police are directed to provide support in enforcing the terms of this Order.
a. Accordingly, the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department hereby requests that West
Virginia State Police assist in the enforcement of this Order.
b. If West Virginia State Police resources are not available, Wood County Sheriff’s office
and all municipal law enforcement agencies located in Wood County may be called
upon to enforce this Order.
6. Any adult member of public can report non-compliance with these orders by calling the
Mid-Ohio Valley Health Depa1tment at 304-485-7374.
7. The Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department reserves the right to amend this order as
necessary to protect the health and welfare of the public. Any amendment made will be
communicated by media release and other reasonable methods of notification.
The above information and order was discussed and reviewed by the Mid-Ohio Valley Health
Department, Mayor Tom Joyce, Mayor Randy Rapp, Mayor Jean F ord, Wood County Prosecutor
Patrick Lefebure, and Commissioner Blair Couch.
Signed April 11, 2020
CLi􀀅􀀆 kD
Dr. Charles F. Whitaker, III
Health Officer
Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department