The main swimming pool at the city park will close for the season effective immediately.

The City Park Splash Pad will remain operational as scheduled on Friday and Saturday, August 27th & 28th and again, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, September 3’•, 4th & 5th

Public Works Director Everett Shears and Parks Supervisor Buck Mccroskey notified Mayor Tom Joyce this afternoon that the main pump which circulates water for the swimming pool failed and cannot be repaired in a time frame commensurate with safe operations for the last few days scheduled for the 2022 season.

“The Splash Pad operates on a separate and independent circulation and purification system than does the main pool.” –Everett Shears

“After conferring with Buck and the other Certified Poof Operators on staff and touching base with the Parkersburg YMCA who operates and staffs the pools, we determined early closure our only option, but all agreed that the splash Pad could safely remain open for use during these fast few days of the season.”


Adults will be admitted free to the City Park Splash Pad with children’s rates being the same for these remaining days.

Southwood Pool will be open as normal during the remainder of the season which is also weekends only as previously communicated.

Everett has already arranged to have the main pump removed and sent out for a focal independent review for repair and rebuild, the current pump was installed in 2015, three years prior to the splash pod build and pool remodel completed a few years ago. ff the pump cannot be adequately repaired, we will make arrangements to replace the pump for next season. -Tom Joyce

2022 was another successful year for the City of Parkersburg Pools with total City Park attendance of 16,815 to date and Southwood Attendance of 7729.