Effective Wednesday, May 20th, the City Of Parkersburg will resume toll collection on the Memorial Bridge. Normal toll collections will resume at 0800 on Wednesday and will continue 24 hours per day until further notice.

Traffic controls will be in place to ensure safety of both patrons and employees. The current plan is to operate the outside lanes both for both east and west bound traffic.

“When the bridge employees were made aware of the other city employees returning to their regular work location and assignments; an overwhelming majority of the bridge personnel contacted their supervisor volunteering to return to work. We have made preparations and verified that we have the necessary and appropriate supplies and Personal Protective Equipment to provide for proper safety of the employees”, said Mayor Tom Joyce.

The City ceased collecting tolls on March 22nd as a measure to protect the bridge employees while also to allow for reconnoitering of required supplies for Police Fire and Sanitation personnel to maintain regular operations.