The City of Parkersburg is committed to providing timely and accurate financial information. To facilitate this process, a system of internal controls is implemented to ensure transactions are posted properly and for the intended purpose as appropriated by City Council. Additionally, year-end and month-end review procedures and account reconciliations are performed to ensure that internal controls are operating as designed prior to financial reports being posted. 

Generally, monthly financial results are reviewed and posted to the website below by the third or fourth week of the following month. Due to more extensive reconciliations and procedures required at fiscal year-end (June 30th), the first months of the fiscal year will typically be released in September or October when the previous fiscal year is closed. June financial results will be released post-audit. 

The original budgets as adopted by City Council for each fiscal year are provided below. From time to time, it is necessary for City Council to revise the budget. The most current revised budget is presented within the monthly reports as they are posted below.


Current Year