Steps to Obtain a Business License

Prior to making a commitment for a location for a new business, you must first verify that the proposed location meets current zoning guidelines. To do so:

1. Contact the Zoning Office located on the fourth floor of the Parkersburg Municipal Building to ascertain if the proposed business location is in a permitted district; and
2. Request a courtesy walk-through by the Code Department and Fire Inspector to determine if it would be feasible to operate proposed business in structure.

Once a location is determined, go to the Zoning Office and complete necessary paperwork for application of a new business, which includes a Zoning Application, B&O Tax Form, and Business License Application. These forms are available in the Zoning Department of the City Municipal Building.

Inspections of the proposed business location will be done by the Code and Fire Departments to determine if the structure meets all code and fire regulations. Once repairs are made (if required) final inspections are completed and all regulations met, a Certificate of Occupancy and business license will be issued.

Source: City of Parkersburg Ordinance 701

Zoning Application Fee

A fee in the amount of $10.00 (ten dollars) shall be charged for each application submitted.

Zoning Permit Application Click HERE