The Public Works Department is made up of seven separate divisions:

  • Building and Grounds
    The Building and Grounds Division is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of city owned buildings and properties, this includes the city’s parks.  For further information and/or inquiries regarding public use of facilities please call 304/424-8572.
  • Code Administration
         The Code Administration is responsible for enforcing the city’s codes, as adopted by Parkersburg’s City Council .  This includes, but is not limited to;  inspecting building construction and upkeep of properties.  Any questions,complaints, or zoning inquiries should be directed to 304/424- 8537.  Building permits are also obtained from the code office.
  • Central Garage
    The Central Garage is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the city fleet.
  • Engineering
    The Engineering Division is to provide civil engineering services to the City of Parkersburg, primarily, but not limited to the design and maintenance of the city’s streets and storm sewer system.  The Engineering Division keeps and updates the city’s mapping as well as reviews commercial plans for new construction within the corporation.  Any questions or comments for the Engineering Division should be directed to 304/424-8568.
  • Memorial Bridge
    Any questions or price schedule inquiries should be directed to 304/422-0394.
  • Sanitation
    The Sanitation Division is responsible for residential refuse and recycling collection in the city.  Questions, comments, or requests for recycling containers should be directed to 304/424-8570.
  • Service Center
    The Service Center is comprised of the Electric Shop, Street Department and the Street Cleaning, Snow Removal and Sign Shop.  Contact number for the Service Center is 304/424-8543.